Student Travel Budget

European Travel on a Student Budget

Summer 2018 is coming! Plan your European trip now! There are lots of opportunities for travel in the next few months. Be sure to check out cheap flights to popular destinations in Europe. And now with new countries added to the European Union, it is easier to travel in Eastern Europe.

Backpacking through Europe is an experience that many people dream about, encourage, and enjoy. It offers the young traveller a broader world perspective, a sense of self-confidence and countless stories that he or she will repeat for a lifetime. European travel is both challenging and rewarding to the open-minded, but the individual determines the breadth and depth of the experience. Young adulthood is a perfect time to experience the thrills of international travel as young travellers often possess a strong sense of adventure, flexibility, and the ability to embrace differences.

Travelling to Europe on a student budget offers its unique rewards. Living in student hostels, riding trains, and spending time in new places puts you in touch with a large community of like-minded travellers.It is these people that will enrich and enliven your European experience.

European countries encourage student travellers by offering cheap lodging, reduced travel prices, help and advice at every turn. There are hundreds of resources available to you, and this is a great place to start.