Offering Glass Water Pipes Exclusively on Hostile Territory

Hostile Territory is an online marketplace that allows Glass Pimps to provide quality glass water pipes and other smoking accessories to our customers at a competitive rate. Not only does Hostile Territory help us with product exposure on Google, they also provide Buyer Protection powered by Paypal. We want to build a trusted reputation with our customers while still being able to keep the most affordable prices for glass water pipes and other smoking accessories.

Glass Pimps will never lack in quality, and we don’t want you to feel bad for spending too much on glass ever again. Its known the local head shop is most likely way overpriced and usually doesn’t have that unique glass piece you are looking for. Here you will find a variety of glass water pipes and oil rigs featuring percolated designs enhancing your smoking experience.┬áLet’s see all glass bongs in our online pipe shop. Unbeatable prices!